Virgin Media Business Review - Stressed Customer

What Service To Expect From Virgin Media Business

As the name suggests this site has been created to provide an honest and reliable account from a Virgin Media Business customer.

In the following pages I will explain the reason I felt the need and indeed what drove me to these lengths, whilst laying bare for you the experiences and facts of being bound to a contract with Virgin Media Business.

Current VMB Connection Status

25th August 2020

1 out of 2 Locations Down

Connection Down Time

25th August 2020

16th October 2019


To provide you with some context, I held the position of Chief Technical Officer for many years and worked in the City of London for nearly a decade and a half (specifically within the technology arena).

During my time as a CTO I designed and implemented networks, server farms amongst other infrastructure and technologies.

In addition to the aforementioned I have worked for Microsoft being one of the pioneers of Office 365 in the UK, written articles for industry journals, held the position of a Data Protection Officer as well as owning my own IT company.

With this sites launch (27th Sep), I am still heavily entangled in a web of a horrendous nature.

This has ultimately led to unimaginable stress which in turn has taken a savage toll on both my physical and mental health.

As a result, I will be gradually transcribing the details of the incredulous journey with which I have had to endure (also time permitting), so please check weekly for fresh content.

That’s all for now